Winter Bird Feeding


Date: December 31st, 2016

Winter Birding Essentials


Birding can be as fun and beneficial all year.  Keeping a variety of different feeders available allows you to attract the greatest number of species in the winter.  Be sure to take into consideration which bird species are present in the winter and what foods they prefer to avoid excess wasted seed.

  Cardinals in Snow


To help your feathered friends get the most of your feeders, follow these helpful winter tips:


  • Clean off feeders after each storm.


Electric Bird Bath Heater

  • Don't forget the birdbath!  Add a safe heating element in your birdbath. The Bird Bath De-Icer is a premium bird bath de-icer with 150 watts of power.


  • Keep the ground under your feeders packed down or free from snow. This provides easier access to spilled seed for ground feeding birds.


  • Leave nesting boxes and birdhouses up all year round to provide winter roosting sites.


Be sure that you have all the tools you need such as:

- Feeders
- Suet
- Wild Bird Food
- Baths & Accessories


If you have any further questions, email them to, or visit your local CountryMax store today!



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