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Date: September 13th, 2016

Wild bird feeding is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, around 60 million people feed birds in the US! If you are one of these people, or are interested in starting up, CountryMax has a Bird Food Club just for you!


CountryMax Bird Food Club

Here's how the program works: once you purchase 250 pounds of bird seed, you recieve 1 free suet (specific varieties only). At 500 pounds of bird seed, you receive 1 free 8 pound bag of black oil sunflower OR 1 free 10 pound bag of songbird bird seed. Unlike other frequent buyer programs, there are no restrictions on seed variety or bag size. This means that you can buy 50 pounds of thistle, 5 pounds of songbird, and 1 pound of safflower - and it is all counted towards your total weight!

Signing up for this program is as easy as filling out your name and address on our Bird Food Club Card! The card is stored at CountryMax - whenever you purchase bird seed, simply tell the cashier, "I'm in the bird seed club!".

CountryMax Wild Bird

At CountryMax, we share your passion for birding - it is a hobby that is both rewarding and enjoyable. That's why we would like to welcome you to join our Bird Food Club - sign up today!

For more information on birding, check out our Ask Max Wild Bird section. We have information on how to attract birds, repel squirrels, different seed types, suets, birdbaths, feeders, bird types and much more!

If you have any further questions, email them to, or visit your local CountryMax store today!

***Available in-store only***

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