Winter Paw Protection


Date: December 29th, 2016


When winter weather arrives, it brings a new set of challenges for all dog owners – protecting their dog’s paws. Take a look at the following tips to make sure you’re keeping your dog safe and pain free this winter.


Salt and DeIcers

The biggest culprit of sore paws for dogs in the winter is the prevalence of salt and deicers that can lead to stinging and burning pads. The most common deicer, rock salt, can cause painful burning when it enters their pads through small cracks. Try to keep your dog off pavement on roads, sidewalks, and stairs that are regularly salted for ice. Various other deicing products can do the same or worse, so it is important to monitor your dog when outside for noticeable limping, licking of their paws, and other signs of pain. There are products made specifically to avoid hurting your dog’s paws, like PAW THAW BRAND deicers, which are a great option for areas that you cannot avoid taking your dog, like directly outside your house. 


Cold and Ice

This may be a “no-brainer,” but many people can forget just how cold their dog’s paws get when in contact with snow and ice. Leaving your dog outside for an extended period of time in cold weather can lead to a host of issues, including frostbitten paws and hypothermia. Just like you would never leave a dog in a hot car during the summer, don’t leave your dog sitting or walking on a frozen surface for too much time. In addition to being cold from contacting snow and ice, dogs can also form “ice balls” on the hair in between the pads on their feet. Keep the hair trimmed and monitor it when your dog comes in from outside. 


Protection for your Dog’s Paws

As mentioned above, PAW THAW BRAND deicers are an excellent option for avoiding chemical and salt burns on your dog’s paws in areas that cannot be avoided. For additional protection, there are many different brands of WAX and protective covers like BAG BALM. A thin layer of BAG BALM, applied regularly, will help to rehydrate, heal, and prevent the cracks that occur in your dog’s pads during winter weather.  The most comprehensive solution for your dog is DOG BOOTIES. While they may look silly, they give your dog a layer of protection that their pads just cannot provide, and eliminate the need for many of the preventative measures listed above. DOG BOOTIES come in many colors, sizes, and styles, and it is important to find the proper size and comfortable fit for your dog.  


Snow, ice, salt, and deicers can make the outdoors an intimidating place for a dog owner during the winter season, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A few preventative steps, like using PAW THAW BRAND deicers, BAG BALM to rehydrate and protect cracked paws, and DOG BOOTIES to provide the ultimate protection, give a responsible dog owner many options at a low cost to keep their dog comfortable. These steps, in addition to a stylish and warm DOG JACKET or SWEATER will make sure your dog is happy and healthy all winter long!

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