Winter Dog Walking


Date: December 30th, 2016


The winter time brings colder weather and shorter days, and with that a need for more caution when walking your dog. Darkness means vehicles and others will have difficulty seeing both you and your dog, and you’ll need to take precautions to keep you both safe.



Be Seen

It is essential for pets and their owners to be visible when going on walks. Luckily for pet owners, safety equipment is available more now than ever. Reflective vestsharnesses, collars, leashes and LED safety tags are all available for your pet's safety. Reflective material has been found to increase an object's visibility by 5 times! Don't take a chance – always make sure you and your pet are easily visible to drivers. Check out these products to help increase you and your dog's visibility:

Reflective clothing is just the start. When walking on the road, always remember to do so safely: walk facing the traffic on the far shoulder and stay alert.

Cold Weather

Vehicles aren't the only danger as the fall season progress. Cold weather can become a factor, especially for pets under 30 pounds. Sweaters, jackets, and boots are all options that can help keep your pet warm. Also, when roads are littered with salt in the winter months, boots can prevent cuts and infections.

The last bit of advice is one that resonates all year long – listen to your pet! Not all pets are created equal and age, energy level and overall health should always be considered when planning a walk. As your pet ages, consider shortening the walk and taking more breaks.

With care and preparation, walking your pet during the fall season can remain safe as well as enjoyable. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below or visit your local CountryMax Store today!

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