Stop Dog Jumping


Date: March 18th, 2010


There are many different ways dog owners have tried to teach their pets not to jump on family and friends. I explain a few methods below, and the video shows an additional tactic you may want to use to teach your dog the proper greeting. Dog Training

Many trainers and other dog owners will tell you to immediately turn your back to your dog when he jumps on you. This method discourages the dog from jumping because he will soon learn the action doesn’t gain your attention. Other trainers say that taking a step backwards while using an “off” command can help to end this jumping behavior. I find this method effective because it will knock your dog slightly off-balance and will give him a counter-active command to obey.


As in all training, when your dog obeys your commands or completes the task you’ve given him, praise him and reward him with your attention and a treat. Remember that the training process takes lots of patience, but having a well-behaved dog will make your persistent efforts worthwhile!



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