Small Animal Cage Cleaning


Date: July 22nd, 2011

Many animals have an almost obsessive desire to keep their living areas clean and organized. While you may disagree with this statement as you sweep shavings and droppings off of the floor, most animals really do crave an organized and clean environment.

Bunny in Cage

Have you ever noticed your pet frantically shuffling back and forth in their cage while carrying objects and rearranging them as they please? This is because these animals share a common trait with humans – they like to designate certain areas of their surroundings. For example, one spot may be the sleeping quarters, another section might be the bathroom, and a different area might be used for food storage. So, next time you rearrange your pet’s cage thinking that you’re helping your little buddy out, remember that he might have a completely different outlook.

Why do animals section off certain areas of their living space? Unlike humans, who place the living room next to the kitchen so less walking is involved for a third helping of apple pie, animals do this for their overall health and well-being. If the food and waste area became one intermixed spot, food could easily be contaminated. Maintaining these defined areas is essential to your pet’s health.

Little John Hi-Corner Litter Pan

With this in mind, consider implementing a high corner litter pan. Rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets will use the pan to relieve themselves. With waste restricted to one area within a container, cleanup becomes a snap!

Cage Maintenance

In small areas like a cage, disease and sickness can travel rapidly. With less area to cover, a bacterium multiplies quickly. To combat unsanitary living conditions, routine cage maintenance is necessary.

A very important thing to remember is to always use a cleaner that is pet safe. Many cleaners stored under your sink can be deadly to your pet! Do not use these!

The first step in keeping your pet healthy is forming a cleaning schedule. Listed below is a typical cleaning schedule on a daily and weekly basis:


Remove any bedding/litter that is soiled with urine, feces, or water. Replace with fresh bedding/litter. Use a scoop to remove contaminated bedding.

Empty and thoroughly wash the food bowl with warm water and a small amount of soap. Make sure to completely dry the bowl and rinse off the soap before returning to the cage with fresh food.

Empty and thoroughly wash the water bottle with warm water and a small amount of soap. Make sure to completely dry the bottle and rinse off the soap before returning to the cage with fresh water.


Remove and replace all bedding/litter.

Wash and disinfect the cage bottom and sides. After cleansing, rinse thoroughly and dry completely.  

Wash and disinfect cage accessories including dens, beds, climbing shelves and any toys available to the pet. Read the manufacturer cleaning instructions for each product. Again, rinse thoroughly and dry completely.


Whenever you are cleaning your pet’s cage, consider placing the pet in an exercise pen or traveling cage. An empty cage will be much easier to clean.


Cleansing Products


There are hundreds of cleaning products on the market. To find exactly what you’re looking for may require a few test runs and advice from experienced users. Listed below is some of our advice regarding cleaning supplies:

Natures Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Odorous urine, feces, or pet’s body: Bi-Odor is a 100% natural water additive that deodorizes urine, feces, or body odor.

Stain Remover: Nature’s Miracle products eliminate stains that are left from a host of sources.

Shampoo: Peter’s Waterless Shampoo is formulated to deep clean the pet without requiring water. This is the perfect solution for pets who loathe bath time.

Cage Sanitizer: Clean Cage is a spray that cleans and sanitizes your pet’s home and accessories.


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