Making Dental Health a Priority


Date: February 10th, 2017

Making Dental Health a Priority


Specialized food for a healthy skin and coat, supplements for joints, medications for organ health, even booties for cold paws — is there anything we won't do to protect our beloved pets? Everyone wants to give their furry friend a long, happy, healthy life as best as we can, and one of the easiest — and most overlooked — ways to do that is keeping up with dental work. The AMVA reports that roughly 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will have some form of oral disease by the age of 3 — and it's preventable!


Dogs, cats, and pets of all shapes and sizes don't have hands with opposable thumbs to use, so they use their mouths to experience the world much in the way we do by touching. A mouth filled with tarter, bad teeth, and sensitive gums seriously impacts your pet's life even when you cannot tell that it does.


Regular veterinary visits should be a part of your yearly routine, and they can go a long way in making sure your pet's dental health is taken care of, but a once-a-year visit is the bare minimum you can do, and leaves another 364 days a year that you can take small steps at home!


Taking Control of Your Pet's Dental Health


Like your own mouth, the most effective way to clean your pet's teeth and gums is to brush their teeth daily with toothpaste made specifically for pets. Obviously, that is tough for pet parents to realistically do, so experts recommend making a habit of brushing your pet's teeth on the first of every month, or a similarly easy to remember date each month.


The pet industry has taken notice of the need for pet owners to take care of their pet's teeth and gums, and there are a variety of treats and chews made specifically to act as "brushes" to scrub your pet's teeth while chewing. These are an excellent way for busy pet parents to make chew-time a beneficial time in more ways than one!


Along those same lines of providing a double benefit, there are many options for water additives for pets that act as cleaners while they drink water — and of course, there are standard mouthwashes available as well.


Small Changes, Big Results


No one wants their pet to be anything less than 100% happy and healthy, and the inside of their mouth can be an easily overlooked part of insuring that is the case. With some simple choices when buying treats and toys for your pet at CountryMax, and a small commitment every month, you can take steps that veterinarians say are overlooked by 99% of pet owners. Now that's worth smiling about!

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