Human Food - Good for Pet Birds?


Date: July 18th, 2011

When prepared and fed correctly, human food is actually good for birds.

African Grey Eating

While dogs, cats and other pets around the house can face severe consequences from eating human food, pet birds can actually benefit from the food consumption.

Birds enjoy many human foods including spaghetti, hard boiled egg, cheeses, and yogurt.  Almonds, walnuts or other nuts are fine in small quantities. If you have any questions about whether a food is good for your bird, call your avian vet for more information.

When serving human food, remember these rules:

Raw is better than cooked. When feeding fresh fruits and vegetables to a bird, offer them raw. Cooking drains the food of precious nutrients that could benefit your feathered friend.

Skip the seasonings. Although a little crushed pepper usually doesn't hurt, salt and some other seasonings can be extremely harmful to a pet bird. It's best to leave the flavor as nature intended it -- your bird will love it!

If cooking, cook wisely. If you do choose to feed your bird a cooked dish, pasta, for example, make sure to prepare it in cookware that does not have a non-stick coating. Stainless steel is preferred, as it won't contaminate the food.

Make sure the foods you offer aren't poisonous to birds. There are, in fact, some "people foods" that are toxic to pet birds, and should never be offered, not even as a treat. Be sure to know what these foods are so that you never serve them to your feathered friend. Again, if uncertain, contact your avian vet for more information.

Introduce fresh foods slowly. Some pet birds, particularly those used to seed and pellet diets, may not be interested in fresh foods right away. When introducing new foods, be sure to offer your bird his regular diet as well, to prevent starvation.


These human foods should be avoided as they can result in illness or death in your pet: apple seeds, avocado, onions, alcohol, chocolate, mushrooms, dried beans, tomato leaves, salt, and caffeine.


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