Hideaways - Important for Your Small Pet


Date: July 22nd, 2011

If you have ever watched your ferret burrow deep into his Sleep-E-Sack or his Hangin’ Monkey Hammock, you know how important a hideaway is to your pet.

Besides offering comfort, these spots provide security and solace. In the pet’s natural environment, hiding spots provide shelter from predators and the elements. Your pet may instinctively run for the hideaway whenever he is startled or feels threatened.Hide-N-See TV CountryMax.com

So, if your pet has had a hard day of eating, drinking, and relaxing, encourage him to unwind in his hideaway!   


With many different hideaways coming in all shapes and sizes, you can provide your furry friend with the perfect “getaway” spot.

Give each pet its own hideaway spot - some pets prefer the solidarity. If you find that your pets like to huddle into one hideaway, you can always remove the extra container.

Hideaway Types

Listed below are some of the different options available from CountryMax:Grassy Large Roll-A-Nest CountryMax.com

Pet Igloos –These structures are made from a durable transparent plastic.

Natural Grass Huts and Nests – All natural structures provide a hideout space that is safe to chew.

Sleepers – These cloth materials offer the ultimate in comfort for your pet. After watching your pet nuzzle in for an afternoon nap, it makes you wonder why there haven’t been human sized Bandit Bridges or Ele-Fun toys! Make sure to give these cloth sleepers only to pets that won’t chew through the material.

Play Tunnels – Play tunnels come in both chewable safe material and cloth. Watch your pet’s natural tunneling instinct take over!


Hideaways are a necessity for all small pets. In addition to all of the benefits it provides your pet, you will be rewarded with hours of entertainment!



If you have any further questions, email them to AskMax@CountryMax.com, or visit your local CountryMax store today!

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