Dog Sunburn


Date: July 27th, 2011

Does your dog love to sunbathe? Are you often jealous of your dog’s ability to nap all day in the sun? While it may seem as if your dog is living the life of luxury, he may actually be in risk. That’s because just like us, dogs can also suffer from sunburn. Plus, long-term exposure can lead to skin damage and skin cancers.

Dog in sun

Keep your pooch safe by following these tips and warnings:

Dogs susceptible to sunburn

Any dog that consistently spends time in the sun during the hottest parts of the day is at risk to unhealthy sun exposure. Listed below are other characteristics that put a dog at risk:

  • Light or white colored hair
  • Short or no hair
  • Areas of no fur due to allergies, hot spots, or medical treatment

Signs of Sunburn

  • Red skin
  • Hair loss
  • Sores

Areas of the dog’s body prone to sunburn

  • Nose
  • Around mouth
  • Tips of ears
  • Eyelids

The stomach, groin and inside of legs are especially susceptible if on a reflective surface (like concrete):


Prevent Dog Sunburn

  • Keep your dog inside in a cool room during the hot summer months. If your dog is kept outside, provide a shelter.
  • If your dog accompanies you to the beach, bring along an extra umbrella. Don't forget extra water either - dehydration can lead to becoming sunburnt easier.
  • Use a dog-safe sunscreen on areas of the body susceptible to sunburn. Only use sunscreen intended for dogs - human sunscreens can be toxic to dogs. Reapply the sunscreen regularly to ensure protection.
  • Don’t trim your dog’s hair too short. Some dog breeds have certain fur lengths to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Read up on your dog’s breed or consult your veterinarian for further information.


So next time you and your dog layout for a bronze session, don’t forget the sunscreen!



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