Dog Sound Phobia: Helping Your Dog Overcome


Date: July 2nd, 2010

 Did you know that dogs can hear between 40,000 and 100,000 vibrations per second? Humans can only hear about 20,000 vibrations per second! This high range capability allows for dog's to be able to hear dog whistles, a squeaking mouse, or other high frequencies. 


While this superb hearing ability can be helpful when you are calling his name to come inside, it also can force your dog to become extremely sensitive to loud sounds like holiday fireworks, summer thunderstorms and other loud celebrations.  To help your dog overcome these and other loud noises, follow the guidelines listed below.

Dog Ears

  • Dogs prefer small, enclosed spaces, so if there is a closet or other small area such as a crate or kennel your dog could retreat to, they will find comfort and safety there when they hear the loud noises begin. Additionally, it’s often better if they have you or another person to keep them company. Imagine if you were in their paws - you would want someone there to comfort you when you were scared.


  • If you are going out to watch fireworks, it’s best to leave your dog at home. Be sure to give him plenty of exercise earlier in the day so that he doesn’t feel cooped up at night when you leave him inside. You may want to close the windows and curtains to shut out noise as well, so keep the air conditioning on if it’s a hot day. Playing soothing music before the fireworks begin can keep your dog calm and relaxed, and keep the music playing during your absence as well. You can also leave your dog with something to occupy him, such as a frozen Kong toy filled with his favorite treat. They key is to make your dog feel comfortable - the noise can be very frightening



  • If you do plan to take your dog for a walk, make sure he has an updated ID tag and a collar that fits properly. Always take your dog out on a leash during the fireworks season, especially if you will be bringing your dog to a fireworks show. It is not uncommon for even well-trained dogs to become unpredictable or run away when frightened by loud noises.


Alternative Solutions


A homeopathic remedy can also provide relief from loud noises. HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN is formulated to naturally relieve stress caused by loud noises.


Thundershirts are another alternative that is proven to have a dramatic calming effect on most dogs. The Thundershirt offers constant slight pressure that comforts your dog - essentially giving him a big hug! The pressure has a calming effect on the dog's nervous sytem and soothes the dog. 


Following these tips will help you and your dog minimize stress throughout the summer season. 


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