Chinchilla Dust Bath


Date: July 21st, 2011

Unlike other animals and household pets, chinchillas require baths consisting of dust - not water. Read on to learn about these unique bathing rituals:

In their natural environment, chinchillas roll around in fine ground volcanic rocks to clean their coat. The volcanic residue absorbs oil, moisture and dirt and consequently leaves the coat healthy and clean.


The dust bath not only cleans, but serves as playtime as well. Chinchillas will vigorously roll and flop around in the dust.  




Chinchillas require a special form of dust that is high quality and all natural. Specially formulated chinchilla dust is made to mimic what chinchillas have access to in their native habitat. Never provide your chinchilla with dust that is not specifically made for this purpose. Other sands or dusts will not reach down to the skin to fully cleanse them.



 Chinchilla Ceramic Bath

A sturdy, tip-resistant bowl or dish is required for dust baths. The container should be slightly larger than the chinchilla itself. There needs to be room for the chin to roll and play around in.


Partially enclosed containers will reduce the amount of dust that is spread into the air.


Bath Procedure


Pour enough dust to cover the bottom of the container with about ½ inch. Place the container in the cage for about 20 minutes and watch your chin enjoy the bath!


After the bath is over, remove the container and pick out any clumps or fur. If the dust still appears to be clean, you can reuse the remaining dust. Remember to replace the dust you took out before the next dust bath.


Chinchillas require 2 dust baths a week to keep their coat luxurious. Due to chinchilla’s nocturnal behavior, offer the dust bath during the evening.


If your chinchilla’s coat feels damp or oily, additional dust baths are required. Additionally, in humid weather more baths should be offered. Too many dust baths can dry out the chinchilla’s skin, however. Also, if the container is not removed after the bath, many chinchillas will use the area as a toileting location.

Bathing time can be a great source for bonding between you and your chinchilla! If you have any further questions, email them to, or visit your local CountryMax store today!

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