Bird Safety


Date: July 18th, 2011

Bird safety is most reliant upon the owner! It is up to you to provide a safe environment for your pet!

Some of the most familiar hazards can be avoided with a little common sense and by paying attention.

Avoiding accidents

Take precautions before you let your bird out of its cage. Follow these guidelines:

  • Don't leave windows and doors open.
  • Empty water-filled buckets or vases. Never leave the toilet lid up.
  • Turn the stove off and make sure the surface is not hot
  • Turn off the ceiling fan

Physical Harm

As with any pet, NEVER physically hit or harm your bird. Physical harm is abusive! A small flick from a human packs quite a punch! 

Watch for toxic plants

Keep an eye on what your pet bird chews on outside its cage. Don't let your bird eat any toxic plants like oleanders, azaleas, juniper, daffodils, philodendron, lily-of-the-valley, etc.

Avoid toxic substances

Knowing what substances can be toxic to your bird is very important! Do not leave any of these substances sitting out and put away any rags or dust clothes that you used to clean with.

Make sure that your bird's cage is painted with lead-free paint.
Curtain rods must also be lead-free if you allow your bird to fly about the house.
Tap water delivered in lead pipes can have a toxic affect on your bird.


Unfortunately there are many household substances that can be toxic to your bird. Keep these substances in a locked cabinet or in different room when letting your bird out to play.

Signs of poisoning can include vomiting, seizures, diarrhea and lethargy.

If you are at all concerned your bird might be poisoned, take your bird to the vet right away!

Some common household poisons to avoid include:

  • Antifreeze
  • Any household pest you eliminate with poisons also becomes toxic to your bird
  • Alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • Detergents containing boric acid
  • Drain cleaners
  • Various types of fuel including gas, oil and kerosene
  • Furniture and metal polish
  • Gasoline
  • Hair dye
  • Laundry bleach
  • Mushrooms
  • Nail Polish
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Paint and paint thinner
  • Pesticides
  • Pine oil poisons (rat, snail, roach bait)
  • Rust remover
  • Shaving lotion
  • Spot removers
  • Super Glue
  • Toilet bowl cleaner that hangs exposed inside the toilet bowl
  • Various types of bathroom cleaners
  • Varnish

Bird safety is in the hands of the owner. Taking the preventative steps will ensure that your bird never faces any harmful or potentially life threatening situations. Protect your bird!

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