4 Tips to Stop Destructive Cat Scratching


Date: December 28th, 2012


Why do cats scratch?

Cats like to scratch. It feels good. They scratch when they play, they scratch when they stretch, and they scratch when they mark their territory. Scratching sheds the outer layers of their claws and is a great form of exercise.


Unfortunately, scratching also leads to shredded drapes, marked furniture and frayed nerves for the homeowner.

Cat ScratchIf scratching is a normal behavior, how can you stop it?

1. Provide a different source

Remember, scratching is a normal, healthy cat activity. So don't try to stop all scratching, redirect the energy to areas where the cat won't do damage to your stuff. Provide your cat with a variety of scratching posts with different surfaces and material. There are many different types of posts: cardboard, carpet and sisal are favorites.

Petmate Sturdy Cat Scratcher

When considering which post to use, there are a couple things to keep in mind: cats want sturdy posts that won't topple over or shift when scratching. Also, most cats like a tall post that allows them to stretch out. This may be why your drapes seem to be a frequent target!

Petmate Lean on Me Scratch Post has a wide base and no-skid rubber feet for extra stability.

If you are looking for the ultimate cat scratching playground, cat furniture has it. These cat playgrounds are sure to keep your cat occupied for hours!

2. Encourage your cat to investigate posts

Scratching is the cat's desire to mark a territory so the posts shouldn't be hidden in a back corner; place the scratching post where your cat goes to scratch. The family sofa, drapes, or chair are places that are typically favorite scratching destinations so place scratching posts near these desired areas. Entice your cat to try out the new posts by scenting them with catnip or placing her favorite toy on them.

Kong Cat Scratchers include catnip to help encourage your cat to play. Plus, Kong's scratchers are made from natural and renewable materials.


3. Discourage the old scratching favorites

Cover or remove desirable scratching objects so that your cat is unable to scratch them. Turn speakers in toward the wall and place covers over furniture. Still no luck? Try indoor spray or granular deterrents that leave behind an unpleasant scent to discourage scratching.

Stress reducing pheromones can also help reduce scratching and marking. Comfort Zone Diffuser plugs right into an electrical outlet and emits a pleasing pheromone that reduces a cat's urge to mark its territory. With hundreds of success stories, Comfort Zone is proven to reduce scratching and urine marking.

4. Clip your cat's nails

Clipping your cat's nails on a regular basis can also deter destructive scratching. Use a high-quality nail clipper and gently squeeze each paw to expose the claws. If you find that your cat resists, wrap the cat in a towel to safely restrain her from hurting herself or you.


Cat scratching doesn't have to be a bad thing! Follow these tips and see if your cat finally leaves your couch alone!

Have any tips of your own? Leave a comment and let us know what worked for you and your cat.

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