Planting a Shrub or Tree


Date: June 30th, 2011

In order for your tree or shrub to thrive in its new environment, the first step involves replanting. Replanting correctly will guarantee that your tree or shrub has the best chance to flourish in its new surroundings. Tree


Listed below are several steps that I have compiled in making your replant successful and as easy as possible:


Step 1: Planting Hole


A general rule is that the top of the hole should be two times the diameter of the root ball, with the sides sloping to the bottom of the hole. CountryMax has a wide variety of shovels for all different kinds of terrain you may encounter.


Step 2: Base of Hole




The base of bottom of the hole should be undisturbed soil to support the root ball and reduce settling.


Step 3: Remove Container




 Hold the container on its side and gently pull at the base of the plant, removing the root ball from the container.


Step 4: Score Roots




Make shallow cuts (1/2" to 1" deep) down the outer layers of the root ball.     Approximately three to five evenly spaced vertical cuts around the root ball. Then slightly loosen the roots around each cut. Place the plant into the center of the prepared hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly higher than the surrounding finished grade of soil.


Step 5: Backfill




Fill the hole with its original soil along with organic matter. Be sure to tamp    backfilled soil in firmly.


Step 6: Water




Thoroughly water to eliminate air pockets and settling and to soak the root ball and the surrounding soil.


Step 7: Mulch




Apply 2" to 3" of organic mulch such as shredded bark to the solid surface to retain moisture and suppress weed growth. Keep mulch one to two inches away from the trunk. This will allow for maximum absorption of water and other nutrients.


Step 8: Staking (If Necessary)


To provide your tree extra support from the wind and other external factors, consider staking your tree. Two stakes (depending on size of tree, more or less stakes may be necessary) should be placed one to two feet from the trunk, and hammered at least a foot into the soil. Attach ties to the lower half of the tree and allow trunk movement. Staking Tree


Step 9: Consult




Ask a CountryMax representative for proper fertilization, pruning, water, staking methods and further planting details. Most trees and shrubs have instructions on the tag, but for any further questions, email me at, or visit your local CountryMax store today!




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