White Clover


Date: July 25th, 2011

As a child did you spend countless hours in your backyard searching for a four-leaf clover? Most likely, white clover was the plant you were investigating!


White Clover CountryMax.com



White clover has shamrock-shaped leaves and white flowers. Each leaflet is about ¾ inches long and about half as wide. The flower heads are about ¾ inches across and stand on long, bare stalks.White Clover Flowers CountryMax.com


The clover flowers bloom from late spring through the fall and gradually turn brown and are replaced by seedpods.



Growing Conditions


Clover grows well in nitrogen depleted soil, moist areas and in both full or partial sun. Often included in wildlife or pasture mixes, white clover also resides in pastures, fields, grassy meadows, lawns, parks, roadsides, pathways, waste areas and many more. The plant is not tall enough to be competitive with natural vegetation so it usually grows in areas where mowing or grazing occurs.


Besides offering the rare four-leaf clover, white clover also replenishes nitrogen in lawns and serves as a haven for bees and other wildlife.




In small numbers, white clover can be removed by hand due to its shallow root system. Use gloves and a weeder to facilitate the process. Removing the clover is much easier in gardens than in lawns, as growth in lawns is usually more extensive.


Due to clover’s tendency to grow in soil with a low nitrogen makeup, a nitrogen rich fertilizer can be applied to keep it from coming back.


Weed B Gon MAX Weed Killer for Lawns can be an effective spot-treatment.

 White Clover CountryMax.com


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