Summer Vacation Lawn Care


Date: July 18th, 2011

Unfortunately, your lawn can't come with you on your vacation. Make it up to your lawn by providing it the proper care before you leave.


Depending on the length of your vacation, different variances of care are necessary.

One Week of Vacation or Less

If you are spending a week or less away, follow these tips to make sure your lawn doesn't miss a beat:

Mow your lawn at the regular setting a day before you leave for vacation. Most lawns require only one mowing a week so your vacation won't mess up your mowing schedule too much. For mowing tips, read this article.

If you water your lawn, do so after mowing. Lawns need 1 1/2 inches of water a week to look their best. Check the weather reports before you leave to see if rain is expected and how much. Depending on the rain expected, water your lawn accordingly.

More Than One Week of Vacation

Lucky you! While you are off enjoying an extended vacation, your lawn will be missing you!

Mow your lawn at one setting below the normal blade height the day before you leave. Don't lower the blade too much or you can scalp your grass. Once you return from your vacation, adjust your mower to comply with the "1/3 rule". A general rule of thumb is to cut off only 1/3 of a grass blade at a time.

Water your lawn heavily before leaving. Your lawn may enter a dormant stage in hot, dry weather while you're gone. Don't worry - going dormant is a healthy coping mechanism for grass. Once your back, water heavily.

For a vacation of over two weeks, you may want to consider paying your neighbor's kid or a lawn care service to mow or water your lawn.

Do's and Don'ts

No matter the length of your vacation, listed below are some do's and don'ts:

DON'T fertilize your lawn before you leave. Fertilizing promotes growth in your lawn. If you fertilize before you leave, you will return to a long, shaggy lawn that is in desperate need of mowing.

DO spot spray weeds before you leave. A small section of weeds in your lawn before vacation can lead to a jungle when you return. Selective spraying can reduce the amount of weeds you will return to.

DON'T aerate, de-thatch or perform any other major renovation to your lawn right before leaving. Immediately following these remedies is a crucial time to monitor plant health and be on the look-out for stress induced decline.

DO have fun on your vacation!

If you have any further questions, email them to, or visit your local CountryMax store today!

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