Protect Your Garden From Insects - Going to Battle Against Bugs!


Date: June 26th, 2016


As all gardeners can attest to, planting and caring for a backyard garden can be hard work. Nothing is worse than seeing your many hours of toiling in the dirt gone to waste because of pesky bugs.




Know Thy Enemy

It's hard to fight the good fight if you don't know who you are fighting! Identifying the pests can be very helpful in determining what course of action needs to be taken. Be observant and look around your garden. If you catch one of the pests in action, snap a picture of it so you can identify it later. Once you have its image, search the web and see if you can find a match. Or, simply send us the picture and we would be glad to help!

For additional research, check out Sevin's garden insect detection and diagnosis page! This page lists the most common insects found in gardens and provides images and descriptions.


Sevin Bug Killer Spray 32 Oz.

After the bug (or bugs) is identified, you can load up on insecticides and repellents. Sevin Bug Spray is an extremely efficient insecticide that is proven to kill over 100 insects! Bonide is another trusted supplier of garden insecticide and has many products for different needs.

Traps are another effective way to thwart insects from dining on your plants. Japanese beetle traps use a food and insect attractant to lure insects into the trap.


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Prepare for the Next Wave

Planting wisely and a little garden maintenance go can a long way in the fight against bugs.

  • Plant flowers among fruits and vegetables. Flowers attract beneficial bugs that pollinate, like bees, and attract bugs that eat pests, like ladybugs. You would never guess it but ladybugs are pest eating machines!
  • Outsmart the pests by rotating your crops. The bugs that have wintered in your garden will leave once they find that their old food source is gone.
  • Pick up left over plant debris. Plant debris left over from the growing season can attract insects that will spend the winter in your garden patch.


Ask for Intel

Friends, family members, and even that crazy neighbor may have strategies that are effective in your area. Asking fellow gardeners for advice is always helpful! If you find something that works, spread the word so that other gardeners can benefit from your wisdom too!


CountryMax is your ally in the battle against bugs. If you have any questions, leave a comment or stop in at your local CountryMax Store today!

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