Hanging Basket Installation


Date: June 10th, 2016

Hanging baskets can be beautiful focal points that take up only a limited amount of space. Many different flower combinations can be utilized; especially annuals that have bright blossoming periods that flow over the edges of a container. Petunias and begonias also make a perfect flower for any hanging basket.

The first step in hanging a flower basket is choosing the location. Take time and evaluate a location before you decide to hang your basket. Most importantly, evaluate whether the supporting structure is able to hold the weight of the basket. When watered, a large hanging basket can become very heavy.

Also, assess the site based on the plants you are going to place within it. Begonias require full sun to have a continuous bloom while other plants such as the million bells require shade to promote heavy blooming periods.

Remember, these baskets are usually the main centerpiece of a garden or segment of a home. Because of this, a well placed basket can truly be a wonderful spectacle.

Hanging a basket is an extremely simple procedure that can add flair to any area of your property. Follow these instructions if you want to hang a basket to a wall or surface.

What You Need


15 Inch Straight Hanger CountryMax.comDrill the bracket or hook into the wall or selected surface. Drill in an area where the selected surface is strongest. As Hanging Basket With Coco Liner CountryMax.compreviously mentioned, after a thorough watering a hanging basket can become very heavy.

Once the bracket or hook is secured, tug on it to ensure that it will be able to support weight. 

Next, attach an s-hook if necessary. Many hanging baskets come with some sort of hanging mechanism, but if not, an s-hook will do the trick. For example, the basket pictured to the right is ready to be hung - no s-hook is necessary.

You are now finished - it's that simple!

If you have any further questions, email them to AskMax@CountryMax.com, or visit your local CountryMax store today!

Source: http://www.gardensupermart.com/articles/install-hanging-basket.php

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