Going to Bat Against Bugs


Date: June 9th, 2016

Bats can be a great teammate in your battle against bugs.


Bat Eating Insect CountryMax.com


"In one summer season," explains Dr. John Whitaker, professor of life sciences at Indiana State University, "the 150 bats of an average Midwestern maternity colony of big brown bats can easily eat 16,000 June bugs, along with 38,000 cucumber beetles, 19,000 stinkbugs, and 30,000 leafhoppers. These estimates are very conservative and do not include the many other insects eaten."


One of the insects not included in Dr. Whitaker's statement is the mosquito. Have a mosquito problem? A single brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in an hour!


If you want to start or nurture a bat colony, look for evidence of bats already roosting nearby. You have a good chance of enticing the mammals to your bat houses if they already live, or are attempting to live, in buildings near you.

  • Bats generally thrive in areas where there is a mixture of natural vegetation, and where there's plenty of direct exposure to sun and water nearby.
  • Pick a site within a quarter-mile of water.
  • Mount the houses on poles or wooden or stone buildings, preferably under eaves. Bats take twice as long to locate houses on trees and do not like roosting in houses attached to metal siding.
  • Mount houses at least 12 feet from the ground.
  • To protect bats from predators, install the houses 20 to 25 feet from the nearest obstacle. Although it is not as safe for the bats, they find houses more quickly along forest or water edges where they often fly.
  • Do not locate the houses near bright lights.
  • After following all of these steps, if you're still having problems attracting bats to your houses, experiment. Move houses into more or less direct sunlight.


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Source: http://www.agway.com/how_to/pests/pests/going_to_bat_against_bugs.html

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