Easter Plants Care Guide


Date: April 10th, 2017

   Easter Plants Care Guide

         Plant                  Watering         Light Requirements           Other

Easter Lily

Moderately moist, well-drained soil

Bright, Indirect.


Blossoms will fail if in too much light

-Can be planted outside, winter hardy if protected from elements


Toxic to cats

Gerbera Daisy

Water when top ½ “ of soil dry

Bright, all day sun

-Deadhead spent blooms.

-Fertilize every 2-3 wks

Easter Mum

Moderately moist, water under leaves to prevent fungal problems

Sun/Part shade

-Flower for 3-4 wks then stop. Cannot be re-forced to bloom indoors


Even moisture

Bright light

-Keep in cool room to increase longevity

-May not be winter hardy




Moderately moist, keep soil drained

Bright, Indirect

-Pinch old blooms

-Can be planted outdoors Sun/Shade

Calla Lily

Moderately moist, too much water will rot crown/bulb

Bright light

-When flowers die back, stop watering allow it to go dormant, can be re-forced next season

Hybrid Lily

Water when soil feels dry

Bright, indirect

-Can be planted outdoors (check tags for Zone)

Bulbs (Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths)

-Allow to dry out between watering


-More water & heat will speed up blooms


-Last longer when kept in cool place, to quicken blooming keep them warm and in bright light

-Do not let plants sit in standing water

-Remove pollen “antlers” in Lilies to extend blooms

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