How Do I Measure for a Horse Blanket?


Date: October 30th, 2013

Does your horse require extra protection while outdoors? Whether it is from wind, rain, or snow, the colder months can be detrimental to your horse’s health and appearance if not properly managed. 


SmartPak Equine Blanket


How to Measure your Horse for a Blanket or Sheet


All you need is measuring tape and assistance from a friend (Note: Your friend should have experience around horses)

  1. Have your horse stand still in a natural position.

  2. Stand on your horse’s left side and hold the measuring tape in your left hand. Place the end of the tape at the point where your horse’s neck meets the center of the chest.

  3. Using your right hand, draw the tape along the horse's left side and over the widest part of the horse’s shoulder. Continue to draw the tape in this manner for the extent of your reach.

  4. Have your friend take the measuring tape from the end of your reach and continue to draw along the horse’s side and across the point of the horse’s buttocks. Stop the measurement approximately 10-12 inches below where the tail and body meet.

This measurement is the approximate size blanket that your horse requires. If the measurement ends in a half-inch, round up to the next inch.


Horse Blanket Size Guide



Blanket Fit Test


After measuring your horse, go through these checks to ensure a proper fit:

  • Does your hand easily fit between the blanket and withers?

  • Can you slide your hand up to your horse’s shoulder area?

  • Can your horse graze without discomfort? Place a treat at your horse’s hooves and as your horse reaches for the treat look for pressure near the front buckles.

  • Does the tail flap allow your horse to pass manure?


If the blanket is too tight or too big, irritations and infected sores could occur.


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