Fitting A Horse Blanket: How Do I Make Sure My Horse's Blanket Fits?


Date: March 2nd, 2010

Run through this checklist to be sure your horse's blanket is properly fitted. Winter Horse Blanket


  • Can you easily slip your hand between the blanket and your horse’s withers?

If the blanket is too tight here, your horse could experience extreme discomfort or injury.


  • Can you slide your hand up to your horse’s shoulder area?

If too tight here, the blanket could cause rubbing, loss of hair, irritation, sores, and discomfort.


    • With the surcingles tightened, is there about one hand’s width of space between the blanket and your horse’s belly?

    If any straps are too loose, your horse’s hoofs could get caught. However, you will also want to make sure the straps are not too tight, as this will cause discomfort and rubbing.


      • Is the horse's grazing restrained?

      Place a treat on the ground and look for pressure on the front of the blanket as your horse reaches for the treat. Your horse should be able to maneuver without any discomfort.


      • Does the blanket’s tail flap allow your horse to pass manure?

      When nature calls, you do not want the blanket to interfere!



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