Fall Horse Care


Date: September 21st, 2016

The fall is an important time to take precautionary measures to ensure the overall health of your horse. The looming weather conditions can take its toll on a horse if left unprepared.



Stay Hydrated

Colder weather makes cold drinking water less appealing. A decreased water intake can lead to dehydration and colic. To avoid these side effects, add electrolyte powder to the horse's grain. Electrolytes will help horses retain essential body fluids. Another option is to use an electric water bucket warming device. While the freezing temperatures are still a few months away (hopefully), this will prevent an early frost from catching you unprepared.

Stay on Top of Worming

After the first hard frost, check for the presence of parasites. With the harsher weather approaching, it is imperative that your horse is in tip-top shape. Click here for horse dewormers. 

Dental Hygiene

Have a veterinarian check your horse's teeth to make sure that they are ready for an increased workload. Horses require more energy to function in colder weather and keep their body temperatures warm. This will result in an increase in eating and healthy teeth are essential.

Protection from the Elements

When the weather starts to turn windy and wet, a wind break or some form of shelter will shield your horse from the elements. As the weather continues to worsen, blankets may be an option for added warmth. Don't rush it, however - let your horse grow a natural coat first.

Farrier Care

If your horse is not going to be ridden or worked over the winter, most horses should have their shoes pulled. Click here for farrier equipment.

Go for a Ride!

Fall can be one of the best times of the year for riding. Many of the days are cool and sunny and the leaf spectacle is beautiful. Do be aware however that hunting season may be in full swing so be sure to stay out of harm's way. Riders should wear bright clothing to alert hunters of their presence. 



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